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Your intestine and serotonin

Your intestine and serotonin 03.01.2020 | Strunz

Quote from the happy article by Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter „Ecosystem Human“. A great painting of epigenetics. The article is a real enrichment not only for every doctor, but especially for you, the knowledgeable reader. And you are knowledgeable by now. May I?

„Natural eating
A healthy gut guarantees an optimally regulated metabolism of tryptophane. Tryptophan deficiency starts in the intestine.

Serotonin and melatonin, kynurenic acid and NAD can be obtained via various pathways. The synthesis of the anxiety-relieving and pain-inhibiting happiness hormone serotonin, as well as the antioxidant clock for regeneration and sleep, melatonin, are ensured in the CNS, the interstitium and in the white blood cells.
In the liver, tryptophane is metabolized into kynurenine and then into the neuroprotective substance kynurenic acid, and, for the most part, quantitatively into the driving force for the mitochondria and the energy balance NAD/NADH. (Come on: NAD is pure energy!).

The intestinal microbiota regulates exactly these ways.
Dysbioses, irritations with hidden microscopic intestinal inflammations, activated immune cells and smouldering fires with „silent inflammations“ are responsible for dramatic changes in these balance systems.

The availability of serotonin and melatonin can then be reduced by over 60%, the neuroprotection via kynurenic acid comes to a complete standstill
and the NAD production is reduced by 95%.

Tiredness, exhaustion, sleep disorders, depression, neurodegeneration, intestinal inflammation and cancer are set in motion by these measures“.

We learn: „Tryptophan deficiency begins in the intestines“. We learn „in the liver, tryptophane becomes the quintessence of energy, NAD“. We learn: „a broken microbiome (intestine) robs you of serotonin, your happiness hormone“. Episode? Depression.

The discovery of antibiotics was seductive. Saved millions of lives. And – destroyed intestinal flora – plunged millions into a mental abyss. Understand?

The doctor has to make a decision in an acute case. It’s easy to berate them for antibiotics afterwards. Afterwards.

Source: OM & Nutrition 2019, No. 168, F12

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