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Blood Analyse

The Wonderful – BLOOD ANALYSIS

The Wonderful
06.01.2020 | Strunz

Something totally new. Something wonderful. Fascinating. A discovery, a realization that could revolutionize your life… Better should. It’s from the Max Planck Institute in Cologne. The highest scientific institution in Germany, the Max Planck Institute.

What is it? It’s about forever young. It’s about aging. It’s about whether you die sooner or later. It’s about sickness or health. So it’s about the only important question of our existence. And that’s where the new understanding is, in a nutshell.


So forget the very thing we had hoped for for the last 50 years. For example, to stay young forever. And the researchers now say: „No way. Forget the genes.


So it’s blood work, not genes. And blood values are easily accessible to everyone. Ever since you learned what a lab doctor is from this news. He’s a contract service. You ask them for specific blood tests and they do them without the usual comments.

What is so practical about these brand-new research results, which were even worth an article in the SPIEGEL, is the brand-new realization that it is about


goes. The holy 14th. These 14 blood counts are each, independently, an indicator of your quality of life. Whether you will remain young forever. If you will live to a very, very old age. …and stay healthy. But actually, the heart’s desire of each and every one of us.

The desire to be able to tie your own shoes when you are over 100 years old. To be able to look after yourself. And this is exactly what these mysterious blood analyses are all about, discovered through extensive work at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne. Pioneer Prof. P. Eline Slagboom.

In the next few days I will talk about the brand new study in NATURE COMMUNICATIONS (2019)10:3346. In particular, what 14 mysterious measurements are involved here.

The 14 parameters of eternal life. Forever young can be measured. Through a BLOOD ANALYSIS. Such words warm my heart…

P.S. You know: I have the blood analysis in my office. The BIG BLOOD ANALYSIS. And nothing else. Well – what a coincidence…?

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