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The history of ketogenic nutrition

The history of ketogenic nutrition

05.01.2020 | Strunz

Briefly told by Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter. In his highly gifted article „Ecosystem Man“. The 10 pages of this work contain decades of medical activity and experience. Unmistakable. Then a few words about ketosis:

„One of the foundations of Homo sapiens‘ success story lies in the right food. For more than 3 million years, „very low carb“ and „high fat“ shaped the daily diet.

The predominant number of 4,898 excellent studies on ketogenic nutrition provide very impressive evidence of its effectiveness. Already in 1921, the ketogenic diet was scientifically researched in great detail in the Mayo Clinics. In the flood of studies with ketogenically accentuated nutrition lines, the positive effects could be shown for many epilepsies, many cancers, neuromuscular diseases, pain disorders as well as for the optimization of athletic peak performance. The central efficiency via ketogenically accentuated nutritional strategies in the context of cancer is proven by many of these 1,753 studies. (topic cancer).
The book „Krebszellen lieben Zucker, Patienten brauchen Fett“ [54] offers a lot of differentiated experience, several impressive papers and a very good overview of ketogenic nutrition in cancer. And almost every week, studies confirm these results [55].

Caution! Ketogen needs to be prepared – and implemented in targeted, small steps“.

Very clever: A word of caution. The short „now I live ketogenically for a week“ regularly goes wrong. It’d be like trying to run a half-marathon when you’re untrained. Definitely goes wrong as well.

Remember that? You learn to run in the living room. Trip in place. Just a minute. Two minutes the next day. After ten days, ten minutes, it gets boring. You leave the house…

And that’s how you should learn ketosis. In small steps. It starts with cutting out sugar, fast carbohydrates, only in the evening. And then you grope your way forward bit by bit. It is not so easy to eat 70 – 80 % fat. You also have to learn.

You are familiar with the all-round instructions: „The Keto Compass“ by U. Gonder et al.

Source: OM & Nutrition 2019, No. 168, F9

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