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Muscle Worlds

Muscle Worlds

01.01.2020 | Strunz

Quote from the beautiful painting „Ecosystem Man“ by Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter. One of the doctors in Germany who actually help. By the way also with his hands. Touch was an essential, today practically forgotten part of medical healing.

His language is clear and rare, he formulates clearly, grabs your thoughts and brings you to … think further. Want an example?

„Endurance sport
The importance and effectiveness of the lifestyle intervention muscle work and training has now been proven beyond doubt [72].
In 2009, Prof. Dr. Frank Madeo published a study in which he could once again confirm the Warburg effect on cancer cells [73]. In this context, Madeo also emphasized the healing effect of exercise and sport: „Interestingly, endurance sport is one of the best preventive measures against cancer. Thereby both the oxygen supply to the body increases,
as well as sugar is consumed – both classically based on the Warburg Hypothesis, poison to the cancer cell.

In particular, slow fasting runs and regular moderate exercise of more than 30 minutes daily are helpful to train the aerobic metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation and mitochondria. Further information and practical training methods can be found in the book „Zucker – Der heimliche Killer“ [75].

The research results and publications about the so-called myokines, the almost miraculous messenger substances from the inner world of the muscles, are initiating a paradigm shift in medicine (see News 10.01.2014). The evidence and data are evident: On the one hand, the muscle system is a secretory, hormone-producing organ system and also plays a key role in sugar and energy metabolism.

In addition to the increasingly popular and exploding fields of the intestinal-brain system and the liver-brain axis, the new dimensions of the muscle worlds represent a promising field in almost all different medical disciplines in the future. A large family of known cytokines such as interleukins, interferons or neurokinins is actually synthesized by and in the muscles. A whole group of myokines can inhibit carcinogenesis, tumour growth and possible mechanisms of metastasis! In addition, some myokines have the potential to protect the DNA as well as the protective caps of the genes, the telomeres“.

Here, Dr. Mosetter succeeds in taking a broad approach to epigenetics. To healing.
You won’t find „just treatment“ there, you won’t find pills and tricks of the pharmaceutical industry. This is about you, about bodies, about people.


Source: OM & Nutrition No. 168, 2019, F15

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