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Unspeakable human suffering

02.01.2020 | Guest News No. 109 by Ulrich Strunz jun.

Google me „greatest possible suffering“, they suggest this article in the first place: „The greatest suffering is inflicted by man himself“. Bold printed in this article:

„Thus chronic self-condemnation, the learned dislike for ourselves becomes the first cause for later suffering. (…)

The condemnation of others is the ’number one popular sport‘ here (…)

Through our many thoughts we generate a lot of emotions, especially fear, sadness, anger, powerlessness, shame, guilt and others“.

The author, Robert Betz, has been known to our forists at least since 2012.

They know that emotion is the result of your actions (see Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett). So you have to run for happiness. But of course you can also swallow emotions. Literally. Instead of coke or LSD we recommend the better, more natural alternative, swallowing the 47 essential substances. That’s why I have them on my desk, right now, at my fingertips:

all 8 essential amino acids. Omega 3 from fish oil. L-tryptophan, magnesium and zinc picolinate. This is my basic desk equipment. Together with coffee I form my desk shield for the head.

When the collective anxiety kicks in:

If human behaviour, which leads to greenhouse gas emissions and other factors favouring climate change, does not change fundamentally and permanently, „unspeakable human suffering“ can no longer be prevented, says the declaration.

Refers to this article, a „viewpoint“ from a regular journal, Hersch Index of 189, sponsored by the Worthy Garden Club.

A really worthwhile presentation, this „viewpoint“, because it contains at one go 15 small graphics, which want to describe the whole world, and 6 simple suggestions, to save the world.

You know the six simple suggestions. Mammoth tasks. Which ultimately have to be solved by us humans. And how do humans solve problems since time immemorial, if we cannot communicate with each other?

So if you can’t stop the Chinese from building new coal-fired power stations (three new ones a week)?
If you can’t convince the Americans of the harmfulness of fracking?
If you can’t stop your own country people from flying to Mallorca every year or buying an even bigger SUV?
Through silent communication. To solve global problems, we would need a universal „thing“, a sense of truth that unites us all. Roughly speaking, an emotion that arises from a natural action on a common ground that is obvious to all of us.

The feeling of humility. The voluntary (!) step back.

Instead of the above 6 simple suggestions for the salvation of the world here are 3 KNOWN MIRACLES:

Generate a feeling of humility through meditation.
Putting the body into natural movement by jogging.
Swallowing the 47 essential substances for the physical and mental (!!!) basis.
In short: exercise, nutrition, thinking.

The unifying feeling, the emotion behind it: FOREVER YOUNG: JOIE DE VIVRE, LIFE ENERGY.

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