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A revelation! changed his private life

At Christmas time a dentist writes to me. He has changed his private life and also his professional life quite happily through molecular medicine. And since then he lets me participate in the

wondrous encounters

with patients. Encounters that have either become more frequent since his personal change of life or that he has simply become more aware of since then. Whatever the case. The story is so beautiful that it made my Christmas holidays sweeter. Would you like to taste it?

„When the young lady sat down in the treatment chair, I knew what my assistant meant. Her figure-hugging clothes bulged in very strange places, on her shoulder, triceps, and thigh. You don’t see that too often today. Putting the crown back on – a complete triviality! The rest – A REVELATION!

When asked if she does any sports, the young lady said with a smile: „Occasionally! But not more than 12 training sessions a week!“. She goes to the last local hardcore gym, where the equipment doesn’t shine in chrome, but where the rusty dumbbell bar is still kept for nostalgic reasons, „because Arnie would have already trained with it! Just like the old vertical leg press. When asked about her body fat percentage, the young lady said it was currently between 10 and 13 percent, since it was not in the competition phase, but at the tournaments it was 6-7 percent. Very impressive!

But the most impressive thing was the young athlete’s medical history sheet. There was something about a muscle disease that normally puts other people slowly but surely into a wheelchair and which she was diagnosed with 7 years ago. When asked about this, she said: „I dictate to my MULTIPLE SKLEROSIS what to do! I have been on a ketogenic diet for 9 months straight, after that everything was under control! I also largely do without carbohydrates, because I do not need them!

The woman knew EVERYTHING about the composition of her food! Every single bite is taken consciously and has its effect and function, because „otherwise all this makes no sense! She said, again with a broad smile!

I have never seen such admiring looks in the eyes of my helpers before!

At the first reading I was speechless. A person who „dictates something to his MS!“ Could you do that too? It requires a very specific state of mind, as you can probably guess. In other words, a person with this mental power can never become ill. The body can start to go crazy (auto-immune), but …. will fix it. By the way, also by acquiring and applying knowledge. For example the happiness of ketosis. You, dear reader, are not interested in that. None of your business. It’s too complicated for you. Well, maybe the suffering is missing.

Or „every single bite is taken consciously“. Can you say the same about yourself? Or (please allow me) „just munch away“. And then the realization that every bite of our food would have „an effect and function“. A rarely happy insight. Admittedly, a Mr. Hippocrates already claimed some time ago

is none of our business!

We prefer to suffer. Get sick. Grow old. Become fragile. The lady even justifies her way of eating with „otherwise it doesn’t make sense! Think about this statement with me.

If you too are on the search for meaning in life. The sense stands on many little legs. On many insights. And one of them is every single bite of your daily food.

PS: If you think that the lady with 7% body fat was skinny, you are completely mistaken. This is how you make the usual mistake of many doctors. They do not know that a body can very well consist of muscles.

And that was exactly what happened with this lady: Absolutely only muscles. Very impressively proportioned. No skinny, no underweight.

So if we had the practical answer to your very frequent complaint again: By omitting carbohydrates, Doctor, I’m getting so thin. I lose so much weight, doctor. Correct! Your superfluous body fat disappears. I assume that you should now perhaps focus on the actual body substance, namely the muscle….. For me it is a matter of course.

Obviously not for many of you.

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